Arson Prevention Forum

The Arson Prevention Forum no longer meets. Questions regarding Arson should be directed to Hayley Langmead (Essex Police) who has the National Police Chiefs Council Portfolio for ASB, Homelessness and Arson

Arson Prevention Forum

The Arson Prevention Forum is a strategic stakeholder body formed through a merger of the Government backed Arson Control Forum and the Association of British Insurers Arson Prevention Bureau. Its strategic objectives are:

  • To identify the economic cost of arson.
  • To identify statistical trends and manage down the risk of arson.
  • To develop a national strategy to reduce deliberate fires highlighting where specific focus of effort from respective partners will be most effective.
  • To improve outcomes through the criminal justice system from identification, detection and prosecution of offenders. 
  • To deliver information to support communities, businesses and organisations through a refreshed website and channels of communication presented by partner organisations.
  • To hold an annual conference to share good practice.
  • Engage effectively with communities to better inform the setting of local priorities.
  • To produce an annual report and consider how and where this is presented.

State Of The Nation Report 2017

This is the second State of the Nation report from the Arson Prevention Forum and it provides an overview of the cost and consequences of arson as well as insight as to what is being done to reduce its impact. Those with the responsibility or interest in arson reduction are encouraged to consider this report and reflect on what they could do to reduce this challenging, multi-faceted but ultimately solvable societal problem further.