Arson Prevention Forum

47% of all fires attended by fire and rescue services in England

are classed as deliberate

Economic Cost Of Arson (and deliberate fires)

One of the strategic objectives of the Arson Prevention Forum is to understand the Economic Cost of Arson. Whilst this was originally determined by the Department of Communities and Local Government in 2008, no further updates have been provided. As such, the application of inflation over the nine year period between 2008 and 2017 (assuming an average of 2.6% p.a indicates that the current total cost of arson figure could be as high as £1.45b.

The Home Office have recently provided more information (incident level data set) on the website which will assist those analysing data to drive down arson further. There are a number of bodies who need this information data and this includes the Fire Protection Association who are the nominated collection agency for large loss statistics for the insurance industry. 

(Note: incident level datasets can be accessed via

Deliberate Primary Fires Attended

Since the last State of the Nation report was issued (2014), deliberate fires recorded by the Fire and Rescue Service in England have increased by 11% (76,106 in 2016/17 vs 68,526 in 2014/15). 

Fatalities From Deliberate Fires

Injuries From Deliberate Fires

Crown Prosecution Service Data (Source: CPS, 2017)

Ministry of Justice Figures - Arson with intent to endanger life