Arson Prevention Forum

47% of all fires attended by fire and rescue services in England

are classed as deliberate

Professional Standards

The College of Policing provides standards against which HMIC inspect Forces. As such, the National Fire Chiefs Council (and specially the Fire Standards Body being established) are encouraged to work together to ensure that there is sufficient awareness by police officers as to potential arson. It may be appropriate for national police training modules to refer to arson where appropriate. 

Local FRS are encouraged to provide joint training in arson identification to police officers through the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP) and at the same time jointly explore how agencies can better work together in the initial stages of any Arson related criminal investigation. In response to a recent survey for the Professional Standards Body (being developed by the National Fire Chiefs Council), it was suggested that arson features more prominently in the standards work being developed given that approx. 45% of all fires are deliberate. 

In addition a “Code of Practice for Investigators of Fires and Explosions for the Criminal Justice Systems in the UK” has been developed by the UK fire investigation community led by the University of Dundee and is endorsed by the National Fire Chiefs Council, Institution of Fire Engineers and UK Association of Fire Investigators.