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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Arson is not a problem for my school so why should I worry?

    Every year one in eight schools suffers a serious arson attack. The impact of an arson attack can be devastating. All too often schools do not take arson seriously until it is too late.
  • How can I make sure my school is doing enough to protect itself?

    Good fire protection does not necessarily mean investing in an expensive detection system or 24-hour security. It means sensible and regular housekeeping, and vigilance. Fire risk assessments in school should be recorded and regularly updated - keep this as a standing item at meetings to ensure that it is being done.
  • How can I protect my school?

    You must ensure that arson prevention and fire safety are management priorities and that proper resources are dedicated to fire risk management in your school. Schools that have suffered an arson attack put fire safety management as a top priority, as they see the destruction and disruption that is causes. Senior management and staff need to be aware that fire safety is a serious issue that must be addressed.
  • I've got lots of other things to worry about - why should arson be a priority?

    Arson can have a severe impact on the functioning of a school. It endangers lives, jobs, facilities and investment. Damage to coursework can cause a great deal of stress to pupils and affect exam results. Destruction of classrooms can mean temporary classroom accommodation and construction on-going on site.