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Attacks on Firefighters

Attacks on Firefighters include being shot at with airguns, having equipment damaged and stolen, and having bricks and other items thrown at fire crews. There are a number of local initiatives in place that have had some success in dealing with what is now a national problem.

Tackling the problem

Hostilities towards firefighters have been a long term issue for the British Fire Service and great efforts have been made, particularly by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, to highlight this issue in order to bring into being specific legislation for the offence of attacking an emergency worker. As part of this effort to raise this issue, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service launched a campaign to warn of the consequences of these incidents. The campaign used various media elements, including visibility on 39 billboards across the county, as well as on A3 posters. The posters show youths throwing bricks at the windscreen of a fire engine. Leaflets were also produced and an advert ran on local radio warning people of the possible implications of these attacks.

Action from here

The success of local initiatives must be built on. Attacks on firefighters are clearly a national problem affecting all areas. Some of the successes in this area have been impressive, the challenge is to translate this across the country. Attacks on firefighters not only endanger the lives and resources of the Fire Service but also increase the danger of fire to the community.